Friday, May 12, 2017

UL325 compliance

      If you have a gate opener that was installed after January 1st 2016 than you should be UL compliant.  Of course it is up to whoever installed the gate to make it UL compliant.  First let me tell exactly what being UL compliant means.  "UL 325 is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard for Door and Gate Operators, as well as other products are tested. Since 2010 all commercial door operators bearing the UL Label must continuously monitor safety devices such as photo eyes and/or sensing edges, otherwise the operator must be limited to constant-pressure-to-close operation. Since 2000, external entrapment protection devices must be added to gate operators to meet these standards. Gate operator designs will be additionally required to continuously monitor entrapment protection devices by January 2016. Your installer will recommend correct equipment based on your system. Manufacturers of Listed and Labeled operators are subject to quarterly inspections at their manufacturing facility by UL or ETL inspectors to ensure that the operators being manufactured are in compliance"( ).  So what exactly does this mean?

      This means that every gate operator that has been produced after 2016 has to be UL tested and approved.  This means that all of the operators have to have a monitored safety device attached or they will not function.  Usually a monitored safety device will either be a photo eye or an edge sensor.  Some installers have been know to cut corners and not install these required safety devices, or they have rigged them up so they serve no safety function at all.  It is extremely important that these safety device be hooked up and continue to function properly.  The whole purpose for having these standards is so people are protected from the power of a closing gate.  Without these devices countless people have been seriously injured by automatic gates, and in some instances some people have been killed because there were no safety devices hooked up to the gate.

      If you would like to read about some of these tragic accidents you can click on the link to an article by  Just picture a child trying to run inside of a closing gate before it shuts, but than they trip and they fall in the path of the gate.  Without a monitored safety device that child could get seriously injured, but with a monitored safety device the gate would have sensed that the child was there and it would have reversed.  Please make sure that a monitored safety device is installed on your gate system to ensure the safety of everyone who goes through the gate.  

Friday, July 31, 2015

Programming Tips for the LiftMaster IPAC Gate System

The LiftMaster IPAC with VoIP Gate System is the first of its kind—an Internet-enabled outdoor
access control system with VoIP capabilities. This unique gate system marks a milestone in security innovation for gated community access control systems.  Whether for use as a residential access control system or a commercial automatic gate system, the LiftMaster IPAC Gate System can’t be beat!

You may have recently purchased the LiftMaster and are in need of help setting it up. We have assembled some quick programming tips to get your LiftMaster IPAC Gate System set up and ready to go.

Installing the LiftMaster IPAC Gate System
  • Create a LiftMaster Hosted Cloud Service account by calling customer service at (800) 323-2276. They’ll guide you through account registration and payment setup.
  • Next, you’re ready to install. Remove the unit from the box and place it face down. Use a punch tool of about one inch or less to remove the knockouts that will fit your installation requirements. Mount the unit to the flat surface or pedestal you are using. Ensure the unit is properly sealed.
  • Connect any maglocks, door strikes, operators and other accessories to the relay board. Connect the transformer to the PWR IN terminal block on the relay board. Connect the Ethernet cable. Switch on the program mode by switching setting #1 to ON.

Connecting the LiftMaster IPAC Gate System
  • Your system should now be on. It’s time to connect. Set up the network by touching the DHCP button, then touching the Activate button. Verify the Network and Internet connectivity settings in the Network Diagnostic screen.
  • Connect to the LiftMaster IPAC Cloud Server by touching the Go Cloud button found in the Network Configuration – Advanced Settings screen.
  • Exit Program Mode by turning setting switch #1 OFF.  

Programming the LiftMaster IPAC Gate System
  • Add a control panel by logging into your Hosted Cloud Service account at Navigate to Setup>Sites/Doors>Control Panels. Click on the New Control Panel button or link. Name the panel and enter the Control Panel ID found inside the IPAC. Click the Save Control Panel button. Remember the ID format is TEC-XX-XXXXX.
  • Verify that the connection was successful by refreshing the screen. Ensure the Last Contact column shows a date/time for the newly added panel. It may take up to 20 minutes for the association to be made. To speed up the process, you can cycle power to the IPAC panel.
  • Now you will create a site by navigating to Setup>Sites/Doors>New Site. Enter the site information and select your time zone. Hit Save.
  • Create doors by navigating to More Operations>Add Door. Enter the door name and select the Control Panel, Board and Node that will be associated with the door. Click Save and repeat to add as many doors as you need.
  • Create a telephone directory by navigating to Users>Telephone Entry System>Telephone Directories. Click the New Telephone Directory button. Enter the directory name and telephone entry code (4-6 digits). Click Save.
  • Add the IPAC device by first navigating to Setup>Sites/Doors>Site Directory. Click on the name of the site. Now navigate to More Operations>Add IPAC Device. Select the control panel. Name the IPAC device and enter the SIP account information. Select DTMG Key—this is the key number on the tenant’s telephone that will activate the door. Select Yes for Accept Access Code so that entry codes can activate the doors. Select the IPAC directory. Hit Save.
  • You can edit user group privileges by navigating to Users>Group Directory. Click on the group name that you’d like to edit. Click the Edit Group button and select the door schedule. Hit Save Group.
  • Add a credentialed user by navigating to Users>User Directory. Click on the New User button and enter the user information. Hit Save User. 
  • Add any resident information by navigating to Users>Telephone Entry System. Click on the New Resident button. Select the directory name and enter the resident information. Hit Save.
  • Test the directory, directory code and access code. If it all works, your unit is ready for use!

Monday, October 6, 2014

If you're going to sell your home in the near future, you want to increase the value of your property as much as possible. Most people concentrate on upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms and while these are worthy upgrades that will surely boost your property's value, one of the most neglected and easiest ways to increase value is with home security measures. There is no substitute for safety. Consider these home security measures for increasing your property value:

Swing or Slide Gate Operators

A swing or slide gate keeps your property safe and helps manage visitor flow. Sliding gates function by sliding along a track while swing gates require a longer driveway with enough room to allow the gate to open like a door into or away from traffic. Both systems are durable and dependable and gate operators are available to manage gates that weigh up to 1,000+ pounds with ease. You can choose from a variety of different gates from leading brands such as DoorKing or LiftMaster. Combine gates with loops and other security devices that alert you to cars and people that are approaching your property for an additional value add. 

Video Monitor Systems

A video monitor system can help you keep track of your property at all times. You will be able to see exactly who is coming and going from your property at all hours of the day and night. Combine it with a gate security system and you can choose which visitors to let in out. Keep out solicitors, but allow your guests in easily with a top notch video monitor or intercom system. A quality video monitor system will aid your family in feeling safe and this type of system can be a true advantage when you try to sell your home to someone else who is looking for a secure and safe property to house their valuables and family.

Solar Powered Security

If you already have a gate system in place, upgrade it to solar power to increase its energy efficiency, lower operating costs and increase your home value all at the same time. Solar panel operating options are available for most top gate brands and an upgrade is easy and affordable. Choose brand, watts and power needs to get started and a trusted installer can have you running more efficiently with solar in no time. Plus, not only does solar power help you sell your home faster, but for current or potential homeowners, it offers several tax breaks.

Adding security features not only increases the value of a property, but they also lower insurance costs thanks to their security and dependability. Make the investment in your home’s long term value today by adding gate systems and other security features. Contact the security experts at PSS Store at 1-800-676-4909 for help getting started.

Friday, October 3, 2014

6 Tips and Tricks for Reducing Noise from Gate Security Systems

Security gates in the "old days" were clunky, prone to failure, and noisy. When the gate would open, you could hear it from a mile away. Today, things are far different. Gates today open smoothly, are extremely reliable, and are quiet. Gates, however, are an electrical and mechanical device. As with all devices, proper preventative maintenance is the key to a long lasting and quiet gate. Here are 6 tips and tricks for reducing noise from gate security systems:

1. The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
The old cliché of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" holds true. You must lubricate all bearings and movable contact surfaces. Check for areas not normally thought of, such as internal cog and gear mechanisms. Use a lubricant that is rated for heavy duty use, such as wheel bearing grease.

2. Replace Old Motors with New Motor Technology
Motors of old were by their very nature loud and clunky. It’s good to always have a replacement motor on hand for when your motor starts becoming noisier toward the end of its life. For a longer lasting solution, engineers have developed motors that don't use brushes. Brush motors get gummed up and need frequent brush replacement. Brushless motor technology allows for lower maintenance and longer life. The technology also allows for the motor to stay cool and operate more efficiently, resulting in very smooth running and quiet motor. For example, the Platinum Access Systems gate assemblies use a high torque brushless motor.

3. Replace Chains with Drive Belts
The traditional method of moving a gate was by chains. These were loud and clunky. Today, various belt driven systems are available, which are far quieter and smoother running. Today's belt materials can withstand outdoor usage and will not deteriorate.

4. Replace Above-ground Drives with Underground Systems
Above-ground drive systems are also noisy. An underground system blocks noise because the ground itself absorbs all the sound waves. One such system is the Platinum Access Systems underground swing gate mechanism. If you replace an above-ground with an underground system, preventative maintenance is reduced since the mechanism is not exposed to the elements.

5. Debris Removal and Housekeeping
As part of a preventative maintenance program, you should inspect the gates and mechanisms for debris. Gates, mechanisms and operators lacking covers can accumulate dust, grit, and rainwater seepage. Any form of debris can slow down the gate system and result in unwanted noise from the blockage. Clear out debris as needed, and if you find a damp area, weatherproof it so no moisture gets in.

6. Bird Nest Prevention
Oftentimes, birds will build nests in sheltered areas, such as mechanism covers. If there's a small entrance hole, they'll find it. A bird's nest will eventually disintegrate, spreading grass, rocks and grit into the mechanism. To prevent this, make sure all large openings are closed off. If you find a bird's nest, observe it for a while and find out where the birds are getting in so that you can block it from future nests.

Gates used to be loud and obnoxious. Today, gates are an unobtrusive way to ensure security of a parking area or home. Yes, security gates have been refined to a science, and with today's new brushless motors and advanced materials, gates are quiet, smooth running, and practically maintenance free. If you still have a noisy gate after following these tips, contact the gate security experts at the PSS Store for assistance by calling 1-800-676-4909.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Product Spotlight: Eagle 2000 1 HP Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Opener with fail secure

A sliding gate can offer security and functionality to a residential or commercial property, and the Eagle 2000 1 HP Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Opener with fail secure is the perfect operator for your sliding gate. The Eagle 2000 is a durable and convenient gate operator that fits most budgets.
Eagle 2000 1 HP Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Opener with fail secure

This efficient gate opener provides speedy and smooth operation for sliding gates. The one-horsepower motor offers a swift and consistent motion. Other convenient features include a delay and an auto-close timer.

Every aspect of this operator is built to last. The maximum gate length for this opener is 45 feet, and the maximum gate weight is 2,000 pounds. The internal features include a nickel-plated chain and a zinc-plated chassis. The cover is designed to withstand the elements, so the durable internal equipment is protected by a durable cover. The powerful operator is relatively compact, so the opener will be a discreet feature on your property.

With some gate operators, opening and closing the gate during a major power failure can be difficult or impossible. The Eagle 2000 1 HP Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Opener has a fail secure feature, which will allow you to open the gate during a loss of power. Though the gate will not open automatically, the system is equipped with a crank for a manual opening. Other operators in the Eagle 2000 series can also be opened manually during a power failure.

Securing your home or business is important, and the Eagle 2000 1 HP Residential/Commercial Slide Gate Opener with fail secure can add convenience and durability to your property's security features. Your gate will slide quickly, quietly, and consistently with this powerful operator for many years to come!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Top Remote Controls for Gate Access Systems

Security gates give you an enhanced sense of peace of mind that comes from controlling access to your property. With a top of the line remote control device, you can keep your premises secure while keeping access simple and easy for you and your guests. At, we stock premium remote control products developed by industry leaders such as LiftMaster, DoorKing, Linear and Multicode.

The Best Remote Controls from Top Brands 

  • LiftMaster 
    LiftMaster 373LM 3-Button Remote Control (315MHz)
A premier manufacturer of security systems and remote controls, LiftMaster offers the 373LM Mini 3-Button Remote Control (315MHz). A superior piece of equipment that is now discontinued and replaced by the even more advanced 890MAX, the remote is small enough to fit in your pocket or on a key chain. Water resistant and durable, the remote is compatible with a 312HM, 412HM, and the new 850LM 2.0 radio receiver.

LiftMaster also makes the 811LM One Button Remote Control with Security + 2.0, and it has a visor clip. It is compatible with the 850LM radio receiver, the LA500 swing gate opener, the CSL24V slide gate opener and Came gate operators. Passport technology lets you manage entrances to commercial and residential properties for all entrances with a simple transmitter.

  • DoorKing 
    Doorking MicroPLUS 8069-080 One Button Remote Control
With more than 65 years of service to the owners of gate security and remote control systems, DoorKing makes universal devices that offer convenience and security. Complex technology allows DoorKing transmitters to generate millions of codes, adding greatly to security. Encrypted codes change every time you activate the transmitter, and combinations let a single transmitter control access at multiple locations.

Some of our most popular DoorKing remote controls are available in a minimum quantity of 10, including the MicroPLUS 8069-080 One Button Remote Control and the MicroCLIK 8066-080 One Button Remote Control.

  • Linear 
Linear DT-4A 4-Button Remote Control with Visor ClipStarting in the industry when security gates and remote control devices were less frequently used than they are today, Linear has completed more than 50 years in the design of revolutionary and innovate products. The DT-4A 4-Button Remote Control with Visor Clip uses wireless radio communication to control gate operators as well as access control systems. The transmitter works with a receiver that has four channels (DR4), a receiver that has two channels (DR2) or four receivers that have single channels (DR, DRQP or DRM). Features on the complex device can activate four individual Delta-3 receivers.

  • MultiCode 
Multi-Code 412001 Two-Button Remote Control with Visor Clip 300MhzMultiCode's remote controls are available with a variety of button controls including 1-button, 2-button, and even 4-button. For added convenience, standard controls are available as either a visor clip model or keyring model. These miniature and slim controls pack power and can operate with 1024 selectable codes via each button. They're compatible with 300 MHz Multi-Code radio control receivers. Plus, as part of the Linear family, Multi-Code comes with over 50+ years of reliable service and innovation in the garage and gate security sector. has the products and the expertise to meet all of your needs in finding a superior remote control for easy gate operation. Contact our experts today at 1-800-676-4909.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gate Operators: The 6 Best Features to Get the Most From Your Gate

Gate operators are an essential component for any working gate’s opening and closing procedures. At, we’ve broken down the best types of features to look for when shopping for a gate operator in the infographic below:

gate operator features

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